Daily Yinz – Juss Jala – Muddy Waters

Pittsburgh rapper Juss Jala has the blues (like a certain Mississippi legend), but you wouldn’t know it from her fiery, razor-sharp bars.

Jala’s October single, “Muddy Waters,” follows a snaking trap beat through a minefield of boisterous proclamations, striking imagery, and tuneful ad-libs. One minute she’s posted in the studio, passing up earthly pleasures in order to save money and get work done, the next she’s downing Remy from the bottle while thoughts of straight jackets and electric chairs fly through her head. She’s treating rivals like children, kicking them like a Spartan; Prince’s doves may have cried, but Jala assures us that hers tote knives. Her quick-witted lyrics and brash flow grip the ear immediately and don’t let go until the song ends with a “Real shit” and a dismissive laugh. Impressive stuff from a newer face on the scene.

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