Format Changes Galore!

Oh boy!

Thanks to everyone who has supported Bored In Pittsburgh so far; quick update on some format changes that are being made. Since I doubt anyone cares what random old song I listened to on any given day, “Daily Listens” are gonna get scrapped. “Daily Discoveries” will remain a (semi-regular) thing; this category will apply to new releases from artists all around the country (and world, in some cases). The “Daily Yinz” will be introduced as a new category to spotlight Pittsburgh-area artists, since there’s so much good stuff coming out of this city alone.

Completely irrelevant picture of my cat going full shoegaze

Finally, because I love to prattle on about “shoegaze” music, there will be a daily “Stare At Your Shoes” track posted to the site. I don’t really care about genre classifications, so this will include any song that is dreamy/hazy/noisy/ethereal/fuzzy/hypnotic/etc. It’s all about those walls of sound!

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