Daily Yinz – Grîmmöld – Sirannon

Grîmmöld, a solo artist who uses medieval synth tones and blasts of screeching black metal to portray tales of creatures, magic, and adventure, recently released their Noldorin Halls EP. Noldorin Halls, whose title references an Elvish race dreamed up by J.R.R. Tolkien, mostly features winding instrumental passages that evoke mountain peaks and perilous encounters, the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Grîmmöld – Sirannon


Daily Yinz – Feralcat and the Wild – Anselm the Wise

Feralcat returns to his signature combo of windblown sax runs and power metal acrobatics with "Anselm the Wise." Just a few weeks ago, Feralcat brought us some jazz-tinged, lo-fi instrumentals to relax/study to in the form of the wavy waiting for waifu. "Anselm the Wise" (featuring the full Wild) plants its flag at the opposite … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Feralcat and the Wild – Anselm the Wise

Samir Gangwani – Daisy Chain Mix

Check out Samir Gangwani's mix for Chicago's Daisychain podcast, a venture that seeks to "connect and develop a symbiotic network of trans, gender nonconforming people and women - from all backgrounds, both within and beyond the queer community." Gangwani's mix is stuffed to the brim with contorted rhythms, rapid-fire breakbeats, electronic blips, and disjointed snatches … Continue reading Samir Gangwani – Daisy Chain Mix

Daily Yinz – Gabriella Salvucci – Just My Luck

Misra Records's newest signee, 16 year-old Gabriella Salvucci, recently released "Just My Luck" in advance of her May 2021 debut. The single, a warm, piano-led pop ballad in the vein of those from 2000s staples like Sara Bareilles and Colbie Caillat, uses the universal experience of everyday scams (fake news shared by hysterical internet acquaintances, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Gabriella Salvucci – Just My Luck

Daily Yinz – Invader Lars – Dark Angel

Beatsmith and rapper Invader Lars recently released Fuck You, Pay Me, a collection of retro samples and defiant bars. "Dark Angel" rides a glimmering organ motif, stretched and looped to hypnotic effect to create a bed of sound into which Lars can burrow, rapping from a place that is "ephemeral [...] not among you." He … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Invader Lars – Dark Angel