Daily Discovery-HogBarber-Witch’s Ingredients

Washington, DC's HogBarber is a solo artist who makes "psychedelic dream pop, mixed with a bunch of other cool sounds." HogBarber's new album Witch's Ingredients is presented in the form of one extended track, meant to be consumed in one sitting. At different points tranquil, irreverent, and noisy, the project ushers you on a journey … Continue reading Daily Discovery-HogBarber-Witch’s Ingredients

Daily Discovery-Mamiffer-River of Light

Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner's Mamiffer is a vehicle for hauntingly beautiful incantations, so-called ethereal wave music boiled down to its most elemental form. "River of Light" is the first single from Mamiffer's The Brilliant Tabernacle, due for release in late October on Coloccia and partner Turner's SIGE Records. The track begins with several seconds … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Mamiffer-River of Light

Daily Discovery-Drama Bahama-So Dark Outside

Seattle, WA's Drama Bahama refers to himself as a "vegan folk singer and trash opera performer." It's an unusual description that befits an unusual artist. His new album Heart Shaped Chocolate is a collection of free-floating, eccentric tunes that split the difference between innocence and despair. Drama Bahama's lyrics are Flaming Lips-ian in their sometimes … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Drama Bahama-So Dark Outside

Daily Discovery-Flying Fish Cove-En Garde

Today's find is "En Garde," the titular track from the new EP (out on Lost Sound Tapes and Jigsaw Records) by Seattle, WA indie pop outfit Flying Fish Cove. A gentle, wistful number, it's given an almost cinematic bent by the inclusion of violin-like synths trembling in the background behind jangling guitar and steady drums. … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Flying Fish Cove-En Garde