Stare At Your Shoes-Experimental Aircraft-Blue Cream Sky

In my mind, I always confuse Austin, TX's Experimental Aircraft with 80's proto-shoegazers Flying Saucer Attack. Only because of the space theme, though, because their music is quite different. Unlike some groups of this genre, Experimental Aircraft places the vocals of frontwoman Rachel Staggs front and center as opposed to burying them in the mix. … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-Experimental Aircraft-Blue Cream Sky

Daily Discovery–Dante Higgins–Chop-Chop

The other week, I watched the "Parts Unknown" episode in which Anthony Bourdain travels to Houston, TX and meets up with rapper Slim Thug to talk about barbecue and car culture. Houston's "slab" scene is full of vehicles that have been modified into true works of art, usually featuring brightly painted colors, massive speakers in … Continue reading Daily Discovery–Dante Higgins–Chop-Chop