Daily Yinz – Some Faith – The Pain Has A Purpose

Some Faith are a newly formed darkwave duo who released their debut single earlier this month. "The Pain Has A Purpose" comes at you with a simmering drive; it's the kind of thing that a vampire (the Blade kind, not the Nosferatu kind) might listen to as it cruises down a midnight alley on a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Some Faith – The Pain Has A Purpose

Daily Yinz – Good Sport – Overrated

Ryan Hizer's Good Sport specializes in maximalist synth anthems that elicit bouts of bittersweet dance floor rapture. Good Sport is set to release a new album, Boring Magic (Misra Records), in July. "Overrated," one of the album's first singles, places melancholy, Gorillaz-esque vocals and celestial keyboards atop a base of booming, Funky Bunch drums and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Good Sport – Overrated

Daily Listen-Young Galaxy-Fall For You

I didn't get enough sleep last night, so today's song needed to provide a pick-me-up alternative to extra strong CafĂ© Bustelo, which I've been swilling from a thermos all day. Luckily, Canadian synthpop duo Young Galaxy exists, and, even more luckily, they released "Fall For You" on their 2013 album Ultramarine (Paper Bag Records). Not … Continue reading Daily Listen-Young Galaxy-Fall For You