Daily Discovery 11.11.19

Seo - Citrus Paradisi Nigerian/Irish artist Seo sounds like she's had a strong cup of coffee or two since September's Pink Noise. Where that album floated, "Citrus Paradisi" flows, gliding along atop the world's chillwaviest reggaeton beat. Switching between English and Spanish, Seo asks, "Can you take me home to paradise?", also murmuring about grapefruits … Continue reading Daily Discovery 11.11.19

Daily Discovery-Seo-Roseate

Seo is a Nigerian producer and singer whose songs seem to float within a bubble, obscured by swirls of pastel-colored clouds. Seo's new album, aptly titled Pink Noise, contains 12 tracks that never quite show their hand. Hooks, rhythms, and melodies are present, but lie just out of reach, blanketed under gauzy banks of synthesized … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Seo-Roseate