Daily Yinz-Easy Bake Oven-It Came From Outer Space

Easy Bake Oven is a prolific Pittsburgh noise artist who releases music through experimental label Rorer 714 Recordings. Easy Bake Oven's latest album is called All My Toys Hate Me, which sounds like the title to a long-lost Goosebumps book. As usual, the artist makes use of bent circuits to achieve a chaotic, dissonant, often … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Easy Bake Oven-It Came From Outer Space


Daily Yinz-Melting Regular-Dust Feel

Melting Regular's new EP Void Crop is out on Pittsburgh label Rorer 714 Recordings, which specializes in experimental electronic music. Void Crop's opening track is "Dust Feel," a jumble of gritty drones, back-masked sound swatches, and disembodied, pitch-shifted vocal samples. The track feels too structured to be considered pure noise, although its "beat" is merely … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Melting Regular-Dust Feel