Daily Yinz – Merz, Miller & the Wolves – The Wolf

The four-piece Merz, Miller & the Wolves round out a traditional rock sound with left-field instruments like banjo, flute, and clarinet. The group's most recent album, the aptly titled Wolf in Quarantine, opens with "The Wolf," a wanderlusty hoedown of a song that tells the tale of a restless Canis lupus. A circular banjo figure … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Merz, Miller & the Wolves – The Wolf


BODYMELT creates bleak, rock-adjacent music that drips with doomy electronic textures. BODYMELT's latest single, "FANTASY," kicks off like a bad dream, with queasy tones, glitchy percussion, and surreal, spoken word lyrics that plumb the depths of despair. Eventually, the track explodes into a booming, guitar-driven bummer anthem; BODYMELT sings, "Take me/Break me/It's easy/I'm barely human," … Continue reading Daily Yinz – BODYMELT – FANTASY

Daily Yinz – Astrology Now – Evil

Psych-rockers Astrology Now continue a strong run of singles with "Evil," released at the end of February. "Evil" kicks off with a massive, theatrical instrumental flourish, and then quickly settles in to a flower power groove complete with midtempo drums, ambling bass, and guitars that flit about like the circling birdies that used to accompany … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Astrology Now – Evil

Daily Yinz – Latecomer – Bet Your Life

Latecomer makes furious punk music full of barked mantras and breakneck tempos. The band released its Bet Your Life EP a few weeks back. The EP's title track gets its strength from simplicity. Sledgehammer guitars alternate between supercharged "Lust For Life"-style riffs and boiling, single-chord passages that ratchet up the sense of clenched-teeth intensity already … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Latecomer – Bet Your Life

Daily Yinz – Calyx – Americana Get A Break

Calyx are a trio that specializes in whirling pop-punk paroxysms; they released their full length debut, Stay Gone, this week. Ever since I saw Calyx blow through a set at The Childlike Empress's Take Care Of Yourself release show at Babyland a few years back, I've been hoping for a full album's worth of the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Calyx – Americana Get A Break

Daily Yinz – Gaadge – Twenty-Two

Gaadge, a fuzzy pop project that was founded by guitarist/vocalist Mitch DeLong (and also includes several members of Barlow), released "Twenty-Two" today in advance of their March debut, Yeah?. The single is led by a pulsing guitar riff that bends and curls around itself like a tide onto a faded shoreline, and features plenty of … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Gaadge – Twenty-Two

Daily Yinz – Feralcat and the Wild – Anselm the Wise

Feralcat returns to his signature combo of windblown sax runs and power metal acrobatics with "Anselm the Wise." Just a few weeks ago, Feralcat brought us some jazz-tinged, lo-fi instrumentals to relax/study to in the form of the wavy waiting for waifu. "Anselm the Wise" (featuring the full Wild) plants its flag at the opposite … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Feralcat and the Wild – Anselm the Wise

Daily Yinz – MIGHTY – Glued

Pittsburgh-bred, Atlanta-based slack rockers MIGHTY return with You Deal With The Trash, a glorious blast of self loathing. A claustrophobic sense of dread--made at least partially sunny by an oft-referenced drug regimen--underpins each of Trash's six songs. Frontman Angelo Fiaretti refers to himself as "a little sidetracked pencil in my apathetic waste of space" and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – MIGHTY – Glued

Daily Yinz – Lindsay Dragan – Desert Palm

Country-folk artist Lindsay Dragan released "Desert Palm" at 12:00 PM yesterday (1/20/21), so you know what the song is about. The single is a muscular rocker pulled along by chunky, distorted bass--courtesy of David Bennett Traugh--and a seething vocal turn from Dragan. With lyrics aimed at our former (yes, former, finally) president, you might expect … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Lindsay Dragan – Desert Palm

Daily Yinz – Hazing Over – Jock

Shin Guard is now Hazing Over, the name change signifying a shift from gritty skramz to futuristic deathcore. "Jock" is the first single from Hazing Over's upcoming Pestilence EP. The plinking rave synths that introduce "Jock," and, by proxy, Hazing Over, are a tip-off that this band is a different animal, one with a fresh … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Hazing Over – Jock