Daily Yinz – Water Trash – The Mission

Water Trash return with another dose of funhouse garage rock, released in advance of their upcoming album, The Trash is Always Greener. "The Mission," a which came out in December, sounds like theme music for a TV show that centers on a seemingly average college student super spy whose job it is to infiltrate frats … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Water Trash – The Mission

Daily Yinz – SUREFIRE – Vagabond

SUREFIRE are a trio fronted by the powerful pipes of Natalie Flango. They recently released "Vagabond" in advance of their upcoming album, On Borrowed Time. "Vagabond" is a no-frills rocker that alternately seethes and soars as it waves goodbye to a "lover, leaver, heartbreaker, vagabond," a person who professes devotion, but "won't be here in … Continue reading Daily Yinz – SUREFIRE – Vagabond

Daily Yinz – Anti-Corn League – Caroline No Revisited

The "weirdo-rockers" of Anti-Corn League craft twangy, lo-fi tunes; they released their latest EP, Ghosts, last month. Bob Dylan revisited Highway 61, a stretch of road that runs from Minnesota to Louisiana; now, Anti-Corn League revisit "Caroline No," a mournful Beach Boys lullaby. Not to say that this is a cover (it doesn't bare a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Anti-Corn League – Caroline No Revisited

A.D. Showcase – The November Project

A.D. Showcase describes itself as "a group of creatives who came together to create a space for other like minded individuals and display their art. Rather, it's music, dance, painting, etc. Our focus is the artist and their success." This Friday, November 19th, A.D. Showcase is hosting an event in Homestead called The November Project, … Continue reading A.D. Showcase – The November Project

Daily Yinz – Scratchy Blanket – Bloom

Scratchy Blanket, a quintet that specializes in emotive indie rock, recently released an affecting single and video called "Bloom." The song, which guitarist Harrison Thurman describes as "taking inspiration from punk stalwarts Tigers Jaw and local heroes Adventures," is a clear-eyed look at a relationship that seems to have run its course. Singer Shannon Keating, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Scratchy Blanket – Bloom

Daily Yinz – COMA – fear is the pain (of intent)

COMA are a Pittsburgh doom metal quartet who released their latest album, PAIN IS THE RITUAL, in July. The ten-tracker is full of grainy textures, gnarled guitar riffs, and anguished vocals, the musical ingredients combining to form fast-paced stomps, dolorous dirges, and gentle instrumentals alike. "Fear is the pain (of intent)" starts on a rollicking … Continue reading Daily Yinz – COMA – fear is the pain (of intent)

Daily Yinz – Lindsay Liebro – Wasted Potential

Lindsay Liebro is a Pittsburgh high school senior whose rousingly defiant single, "Wasted Potential," recently went viral after being confused for a Taylor Swift leak. "Wasted Potential" would stand on its own even without the boosting by confused Swifties; it's an irresistibly catchy power-pop anthem that positions journal-scrawled (or, rather, notes app-typed) yearning overtop a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Lindsay Liebro – Wasted Potential

Daily Yinz – Fortune Teller – Metal Earth

Fortune Teller, a psych-rock duo consisting of guitarist Giovanni Orsini and drummer J.J. Young, are due to release a new album, Collapse (Steel City Death Club), in October. "Metal Earth," one of two singles released in advance of Collapse, is an apocalyptically sludgy maelstrom of a song that turns the doom knob up to 11. … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Fortune Teller – Metal Earth

Daily Yinz – Rex Tycoon – Dive Bar Diner

Indie-rockers Rex Tycoon recently released a goofy two-track album called Dive Bar Diner. The title track describes a place that all of us know in one form or another, the mediocre establishment where "the food's no good," "soda tastes funny," "chicken mashed potatoes always come out cold," and "there's a broken down jukebox at the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Rex Tycoon – Dive Bar Diner

Daily Yinz – Haven State – Spaceman

Haven State are a proggy rock quartet who recently released their debut album, Adapt. The album's music combines the percussive chug of so-called "djent" music with the sweeping drama of groups like Circa Survive, but displays a surprisingly light touch; the drums may be thunderous, but the guitars slip back and forth between slick distortion … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Haven State – Spaceman