Daily Yinz – Luwi – Bend & Bruise

Luwi trades in a mournfully melodic brand of spacious, wavy hip-hop, sometimes eschewing the genre altogether. Luwi's latest single, "Bend & Bruise" (produced by Julio), takes things in a particularly analgesic direction, its slow, curling beats, weeping strings, disorientingly reversed tones, and cavernous reverb combining to create a palpably hypnotic atmosphere, like a depression blanket … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Luwi – Bend & Bruise

Daily Yinz – Odell Lancaster – Mindset (ft. KeyDaIntro)

Odell Lancaster (one half of hip-hop duo Notorious Bastards) collaborates with KeyDaIntro on his latest single, produced by Venturebeatsofficial. "Mindset" displays the same dusty, crate-digging tendencies as Odell's work with Notorious Bastards, with chimes, gentle cymbals, and a slithering flute melody providing backing for veil-piercing rhymes about politics ("The president's evil/And the polls ain't nothing … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Odell Lancaster – Mindset (ft. KeyDaIntro)

Daily Yinz – Fam Ross x Arsinel – Emaculate

Rappers Fam Ross and Arsinel team up for Pen Lordz, a masterclass in lyrical underground hip-hop. "Emaculate" gets by on atmosphere and wordplay alone. No snares, no kicks; there isn't a bit of percussion to be accounted for outside of a few steady taps on the world's gentlest cymbal. Weeping strings, glistening harp flourishes, and … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Fam Ross x Arsinel – Emaculate

Daily Yinz – Moemaw Naedon X Billy Hoyle – Dolphin Death Rainbow

Rapper Moemaw Naedon teamed up with producer Billy Hoyle for March's Human Speedball, which was released to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the duo's Travel Through collaboration. The three-track collection positions Moemaw's gruff, hyper-focused delivery overtop Hoyle's sample-heavy boom-bap beats. The album opens with the evocatively named "Dolphin Death Rainbow," a brisk, white-knuckle track led … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Moemaw Naedon X Billy Hoyle – Dolphin Death Rainbow

Daily Yinz – Farade – Crumbs!

Rapper Farade recently released Hopefully Things Change, an album containing seven tracks' worth of electrified bounce. The music on HTC is filled with abrasive electronic tones, muddy bass, and clipped, economical bars. "Crumbs!" is a celebration of Farade's humble origins; he's "come from the bottom where the crumbs be," but now he's making money with … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Farade – Crumbs!

Daily Yinz – Bossy – Cali Red

Rapper and producer Bossy released Bramble a few weeks back; the album is full of vivid wordplay, sumptuous beats, and seamlessly integrated features. "Cali Red" is borne along by a weathered, string-laden beat; its jittery violins and horn flourishes sound like something out of an old crime movie. If this is a Mafioso scene, Bossy … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Bossy – Cali Red

Daily Yinz – Saani Mac – WOAH

Driving While Black's Saani Mac recently released a boisterous single called "WOAH." Much like fellow DWB team member Livefromthecity's similarly-titled 2019 track, "WOAH" makes its presence known with subsonic bass and thunderous percussion. Saani is in a celebratory mood here, "wired up and fired up," brushing off the haters as they shamble and mill around … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Saani Mac – WOAH

Daily Yinz – Leek Lone – BADARAM!

Rapper Leek Lone teams up with producer blaqspacecowboy for the introspective "BADARAM!". The track finds Leek wary but hopeful, cognizant of life's threats without letting them stop him from striving; he just keeps "Dropping project after project/Build the catalog," as he puts it. Over a blaqspacecowboy beat that sounds like a blunted version of Boards … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Leek Lone – BADARAM!

Daily Yinz – Beedie & Billy Hoyle – Dock Ellis (ft. Tha God Fahim and Bill Waves)

A varied cast of musicians come together for a track inspired by a legendary Pittsburgh pitcher. "Dock Ellis" is an old-fashioned hip-hop posse cut, featuring vibrantly rendered verses set against knocking drums and meditative melodic loops. Billy Hoyle provides the instrumental, while Atlanta's Tha God Fahim and Pittsburgh's Beedie and Bill Waves lay down some … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Beedie & Billy Hoyle – Dock Ellis (ft. Tha God Fahim and Bill Waves)

Daily Yinz – Epic Squeese – Past Tense

Rapper Epic Squeese recently released an aspirational album called Mr. Smith. Before Squeese goes in on album highlight "Past Tense," you hear a rising tone, a bit like the one that accompanies an item box in Mario Kart, as if the rapper were powering up for the coming bars. His delivery and lyrics are authoritative … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Epic Squeese – Past Tense