Daily Discovery-Look Vibrant-Memory Balloons

"Memory Balloons," the opening track off the newly released Cherish Everything by Montreal-based oddballs Look Vibrant, is one of the most colorful, quirky, and downright fun songs about death and decay that you'll ever hear. Inspired by the story of a terminally ill person who hosted the band while they were on tour, the track's … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Look Vibrant-Memory Balloons

Daily Discovery-Albatros-Keasbey Nights III

I usually spotlight uplifting, relaxing, or warmly hazy fare on Fridays; "Keasbey Nights III," off Canadian punk band Albatros's newly released Futile (No Funeral Records), certainly breaks from this tradition. The song brings some seriously aggressive energy to the table, all jagged guitar riffs and Tasmanian Devil-like drum fills. That is, until a horn section … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Albatros-Keasbey Nights III