Daily Discovery-Majeure-Longing, Love, Loss

At this point, it's basically a cliche to commend the show Stranger Things for its score (performed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of S U R V I V E), a nostalgic, neon-lit array of sounds indebted to classic 80's synthesizer acts like Tangerine Dream, Goblin, and Vangelis. Cliches tend to be rooted in … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Majeure-Longing, Love, Loss

Daily Discovery-Arcade High-Save State

Pittsburgh duo Arcade High makes music that is unabashedly nostalgic, hearkening back to the days of "letterman jackets, arcade lights, fast cars, and warm summer nights." Contrasting with the air of detached irony adopted by some artists that traffic in 80's signifiers, Arcade High's love of that era's sound is enthusiastic and full-hearted. "Save State," … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Arcade High-Save State

Daily Listen-Shinobu Tanaka-Delfino Square Theme

Today's song is kind of an unorthodox choice; composed by Shinobu Tanaka, it's the background music for the Delfino Square level on Mario Kart, one of my favorite Nintendo DS games of all time. Sometimes, after a long day, I like nothing more than to hold a regression session and relive my childhood with a … Continue reading Daily Listen-Shinobu Tanaka-Delfino Square Theme

Daily Discovery-Spooky-Paradise Picture Binge

Today's find, "Paradise Picture Binge," is a brief rush of crackling technicolor that can be found on Now That's Pure Nostalgia!, the new release from Milwaukee, WI experimental ambient artist Spooky. I was drawn to this album while perusing the New Arrivals section of Bandcamp because of the sitting cat pictured on the album cover; … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Spooky-Paradise Picture Binge