Daily Yinz-Kimmie Dix & The Doomies-B8

The Pittsburgh man behind Kimmie Dix & The Doomies, Kenneth Gerard Painter Jr, makes evil-sounding "music" that screeches with atonal fury, occasionally coalescing into something resembling a state of order. Minneapolis, MN label Lighten Up Sounds recently reissued KD&D's 2011 self-titled album, a collaboration between Painter and his daughter that the label describes as "a … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Kimmie Dix & The Doomies-B8


Stare At Your Shoes-Electro Group-Bikini States

Electro Group are a noise pop trio from Sacramento, CA; "Bikini States" is a track from their 2007 album Good Technology. I opened this song up in Spotify and let it play for 56 seconds; I then opened it up in Youtube to copy and share the link and ended up letting it play there … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-Electro Group-Bikini States

Daily Yinz-Düne Kankel-Ceremonial Dirge

Düne Kankel is a Pittsburgh artist whose music floats, drifts, grinds, and roars, sometimes all at once. Their new album, Side Stepping The Abyss, released this week on Mirkwood Recordings, is built upon walls of harsh noise and tunnels of droning guitar; adorning these foundational elements are some unusual sonic accoutrements. "Ceremonial Dirge" is one … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Düne Kankel-Ceremonial Dirge