Daily Discovery-Crushed Beaks-Honesty Box

Today's find is a power-packed wallop of a pop-punk song by the London trio Crushed Beaks. "Honesty Box" is the lead single from the group's upcoming August release, The Other Room (Clue Records). The divebombing guitar work on this track is truly raucous, in some places sounding just like a revving motorcycle engine, in others … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Crushed Beaks-Honesty Box

Daily Discovery-Leena-Contour Ink

Today's find comes from the recently released Sooner Or Later by the London R&B singer Leena. "Contour Ink," despite its lyrics addressing an unnamed other, has an air of solitude surrounding it. This could be due to its minimalist instrumental, which consists of not much more than a no-frills beat and some minor key piano, … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Leena-Contour Ink

Daily Listen-The Clash-Brand New Cadillac

Today's song is kind of a cheapie, since it's a classic song off a classic album (1979's London Calling) by a classic punk band. Doesn't take away from the greatness of "Brand New Cadillac." Singer Joe Strummer really hams it up on this one, gasping out, "Baby, baby," like a grimy, working class Londonian Elvis … Continue reading Daily Listen-The Clash-Brand New Cadillac

Daily Discovery-Teotima-But I Can’t

Today's find is the newly released "But I Can't" by the London-based jazz ensemble Teotima, which will be included on their upcoming release Weightless (First World Records.) I'll preface this post by admitting that, while I like listening to jazz, I don't have the necessary expertise or lingo to write about it with any sort … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Teotima-But I Can’t