Stare At Your Shoes-Echo Lake-Waves

Echo Lake is a four-piece indie outfit from London, active since 2010. "Waves" from the band's 2015 album Era, charges forward for six and a half minutes on the strength of brawny guitar and driving drums. Thom Hill's production flourishes include organ-like synth tones and dissonant walls of sound that come crashing through like a … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-Echo Lake-Waves

Daily Discovery-Ego Ella May-Tea & Sympathy

Ego Ella May is a South London neo-soul singer and songwriter whose album So Far is due for release this September on Tru Thoughts Records. "Tea & Sympathy" is the first single released from So Far, and it perfectly showcases May's slinky, spacey sound. The track, produced by fellow Londoners Wu-Lu and Budgie, opens with … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Ego Ella May-Tea & Sympathy

Daily Discovery-Speedbooth-Skatehorn

Speedbooth is the current musical pseudonym of Kevin Cormack, an Orkney-via-London guitarist and experimenter who has played in groups including Jam Money and Half Cousin. The music found on Speedbooth's new self-titled album (released on Spillage Fete Records) clinks and clatters, almost like it has to fight its way through a particularly messy room in … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Speedbooth-Skatehorn

Unraveling Learned Structures – A Q+A With Renaissance Woman Jelly Cleaver

Jelly Cleaver A few weeks ago, Bored In Pittsburgh featured the track "VI II V" by London-based artist Jelly Cleaver. A true polymath, she ties together threads from classic rock, jazz, philosophy, poetry, and politics to create a rich musical experience on both her 2017 debut Cure For An Existential Crisis and her new release … Continue reading Unraveling Learned Structures – A Q+A With Renaissance Woman Jelly Cleaver

Daily Discovery-Hannah Robinson-Endless Street

Today's find, "Endless Street," is a real weeper of a power ballad by the London-based singer/songwriter Hannah Robinson, the first release off her upcoming album (also called Endless Street). A tale of long-lost/unrequited love, it begins with lazily strummed acoustic guitar chords unfurling behind Robinson's smoky vocals and builds from there, backing instruments gradually joining … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Hannah Robinson-Endless Street

Daily Discovery-Scrimshire and Georgia Anne Muldrow-Thru You

"Thru You," by London producer Scrimshire and featuring the excellent Los Angeles artist Georgia Anne Muldrow on vocals, is one of the first songs released from the upcoming Listeners (Albert's Favourites). A funky rave-up of a track, this one celebrates the power of music to connect us with other people, both physically and spiritually. The … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Scrimshire and Georgia Anne Muldrow-Thru You

Daily Discovery-Jelly Cleaver-VI II V

London singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jelly Cleaver describes herself as a mix between "Jeff Buckley and Beyonce, or between Joni Mitchell and Ornette Coleman." It's as apt a description as any, since her music pulls from a number of different influences and is truly difficult to categorize. "VI II V," from the new album The Dream Jazz Manifesto, … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Jelly Cleaver-VI II V