Daily Yinz – Leila Rhodes – Enough

Psychedelic blues guitarist/producer Leila Rhodes supports Pittsburgh's Bukit Bail Fund with her single "Enough." The track is just over two minutes long, its sense of anger filtered through a weary haze. Over a steady drumbeat and a sea of vocal overdubs, accented by the occasional, scorching guitar lick, Rhodes calls out the police officers who … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Leila Rhodes – Enough

Creating From The Heart – A Q+A With Electric Blueswoman Leila Rhodes

Provided by artist Leila Rhodes is a Pittsburgh singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer who injects the classic blues sound with hefty doses of reverb, six-string fuzz, and self-searching lyrics. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for Bored In Pittsburgh. Check it out below: ### Who is Leila Rhodes? A tagline or mission … Continue reading Creating From The Heart – A Q+A With Electric Blueswoman Leila Rhodes

Daily Yinz – Leila Rhodes – Principles

Leila Rhodes, purveyor of six-string fuzz, is back with "Principles," the first single released from her upcoming album, Attunement. "Principles" contains all the Leila Rhodes staples: tons of reverb, shaggy blues licks, self-confidently psychonautic lyrical koans , a face-melting meld of psych atmosphere and R&B attitude. To start, a decayed, Tycho-esque synth drifts into frame … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Leila Rhodes – Principles

Daily Yinz-Leila Rhodes-Where You’re Going

Pittsburgh polymath Leila Rhodes is back with another excellent electric blues track, "Where You're Going." "Where You're Going" is one of those songs that is made stronger by featuring only two guitar chords (by my count, at least). And these are some tasty chords, strongly resembling the dominant seven sharp ninths preferred by players like … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Leila Rhodes-Where You’re Going

Daily Yinz-Leila Rhodes-Santa Ana Wins

Leila Rhodes is a Pittsburgh-based producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in versatile, genre-hopping tunes made entirely in-house. "Santa Ana Wins," a track from Rhodes' debut album Casanova Way, rides a slinky, slow-mo funk groove from the West Coast to the East, joined on its journey by a bluesy guitar line and chords that shimmer … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Leila Rhodes-Santa Ana Wins