Weekly Wrap-Up 03.11.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week ### heart together - small hurts Ah, youthful emotion, forever teetering on a crumbling wall between exultation and despair. Mirrored here by guitar riffs that build from tremulous to noisy and by lyrics--delivered in a monotone, then a ragged yelp--that conjure … Continue reading Weekly Wrap-Up 03.11.22


Daily Yinz – Nello and Lang – Lost In It

North Side rappers Nello and Lang join forces for their Lost In It EP. What do you get when you combine Nello's somber, death-haunted tunefulness with Lang's self-questioning introspection? In the case of Lost In It's title track, you end up with a muted, shimmying torch ballad whose refrain mourns the looming end of a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Nello and Lang – Lost In It

Daily Yinz – Lang – Why?

Lang is a rapper from Pittsburgh's North Side whose debut album, Henderson, dropped last week. Lang takes a contemplative tack on the album, musing about ambition, romance, and personal growth overtop beats that range from piano-led twinklers ("What Happened?") to distorted, menacing bangers ("Far from Home"). My favorite track is album opener "Why?", which acts … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Lang – Why?