Midori Takada-Through The Looking Glass

Midori Takada-Through The Looking Glass (1983, RCA//2017 reissue, WRWTFWW and Palto Flats) I first found Through The Looking Glass, a cult favorite release by criminally underrated Japanese experimental composer Midori Takada, while (surprise, surprise) looking at a Pitchfork list. I feel like a consistent, slightly embarrassing theme has arisen when talking about how I find … Continue reading Midori Takada-Through The Looking Glass


Daily Discovery-Yasuharu Nagura-bright & solemn

Today's find, "bright & solemn," (Hideout Records) is a newly released single from Japanese experimental musician Yasuharu Nagura. The process that Nagura used to create this snippet is called live coding; I don't pretend to fully understand the practice, but it's essentially the act of manipulating computer code in real time to create music on … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Yasuharu Nagura-bright & solemn