Daily Yinz – Fictional Girlfriend – Serotonin Shuffle

Pittsburgh's Fictional Girlfriend creates elusive compositions that find the midpoint between ambient, noise, and experimental electronic music. The latest Fictional Girlfriend release, Violence Pop, comes to us unmastered and lightly mixed. The album's sounds are tinnier and more brittle as a result; where previous FG releases like last April's Phi of the Green Hills are … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Fictional Girlfriend – Serotonin Shuffle


Daily Discovery-Jan Jelinek-Them, Their

Today's song can be found on German electronic musician Jan Jelinek's album Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records (2001, ~scape, re-release 2017, Faitiche). I had never heard of Jelinek before today, but happened upon a review of the new album Signals Bulletin that he just released with Japanese organist Asuna and decided to look him up. "Them, Their" is an … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Jan Jelinek-Them, Their