Daily Discovery–Dante Higgins–Chop-Chop

The other week, I watched the "Parts Unknown" episode in which Anthony Bourdain travels to Houston, TX and meets up with rapper Slim Thug to talk about barbecue and car culture. Houston's "slab" scene is full of vehicles that have been modified into true works of art, usually featuring brightly painted colors, massive speakers in … Continue reading Daily Discovery–Dante Higgins–Chop-Chop

Daily Discovery-G.G. Rogers-Roses

I just got back from Erie, and should probably go to bed soon (I'm working for 12 hours tomorrow, hooray!), so I'll keep this one brief. "Roses," a track from Houston-by-way-of-Seattle jazz artist G.G. Rogers off the new album In No Hurry, is about as unadorned as they come. Upright bass, muted horns, and subtle … Continue reading Daily Discovery-G.G. Rogers-Roses