Daily Yinz – Hardo – Ball & Chill

Pittsburgh rapper Hardo, assisted by producer STONEY, has crafted a summery ode to the finer things in life. Hardo's three-step recipe for contentment is easy to remember (especially when delivered in the form of a catchy hook): BallChillStay away from police On "Ball & Chill," the rapper sticks to this game plan in spite of … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Hardo – Ball & Chill

Daily Yinz – Lucid Vizions – Notice Me (ft. Moo Wupp)

Pittsburgh's Out for Duckets Entertainment has a knack for summer romance tunes, with singer/rapper Lucid Vizions's "Notice Me" representing another breezy entry in the label's catalogue. Anyone who's ever had a crush on another person will feel this song, because it pines harder than a Christmas tree farm (terrible pun, I know). An understated instrumental … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Lucid Vizions – Notice Me (ft. Moo Wupp)

Daily Yinz – Pet Zebra – Still Here

Pittsburgh rapper Pet Zebra teamed up with producer Hungerforcebeats for his June mixtape, Still Here. Already a master of banter-heavy hedonism, Zebra takes a wearier, more reflective route on the project's title track. Backed by a languid instrumental pulled straight from a smoke-filled daydream, the rapper surveys the past decade in his mental rearview, proudly … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Pet Zebra – Still Here

Daily Yinz – Livefromthecity – Back to Church

Pittsburgh rapper Livefromthecity dedicated his latest release, a three-song project called Party Favors, to the life of Breonna Taylor. Opener "Back to Church," a bracing gut check of a track that rides atop a windswept, Spaghetti Western instrumental, decries the destruction wrought by the hydra-headed menace of gun violence ("Man down on Sherman/Man down on … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Livefromthecity – Back to Church

Daily Yinz – KeyDaIntro – SummerBabyBlues (ft. Ensilence)

KeyDaIntro is a Pittsburgh singer, rapper, and producer whose debut album, Fleeting Thoughts, contains eight tracks of sumptuous, velvety R&B goodness. The music on Fleeting Thoughts creeps along like a bead of sweat dripping down a sauna-bound forehead, jazzy keyboards and snail's-pace percussion melting together into a semi-solid pool of late-June-afternoon energy. The slinky "SummerBabyBlues" … Continue reading Daily Yinz – KeyDaIntro – SummerBabyBlues (ft. Ensilence)

Daily Yinz – Nello – 3 AM

Following a run of melodic, introspective singles, North Side rapper Nello dropped a 7-song project called Survive. "3 AM" finds Nello reminiscing on late nights--or early mornings, depending on your perception--spent talking, mourning, smoking, living. An undercurrent of grief runs through all of Nello's music (his album art is awash with caskets and tombstones), but, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Nello – 3 AM

Daily Yinz – PK Delay – When I Die

PK Delay, a Pittsburgh rapper who spent his 2019 releasing 365 songs in 365 days (yes, you read that right), dropped his Life on Expert project in late May. The album is by turns triumphant, moody, and introspective; PK celebrates life and mourns death, often in successive breaths, conviction and despair blending together in an … Continue reading Daily Yinz – PK Delay – When I Die

Daily Yinz – BrothaMans – Discovery

Pittsburgh rapper BrothaMans makes a foray into icy trap balladry with "Discovery." The song, one of the singles from BrothaMans's new album, From the Beginning..., brings to mind the spooky, cavernous slow jams found on Travis Scott's earlier mixtapes. A spacious instrumental, anchored by subsonic bass drones and sparse, percussive clicks, acts as an evocative … Continue reading Daily Yinz – BrothaMans – Discovery

Daily Yinz – jGGZ Patel – PANDEMONIUM

Pittsburgh producer jGGZ Patel created his new album, BLACK BODY RADIATION, as a "mini opus" in response to the uprisings of the past few weeks. About the project, Patel writes, "Black-body radiation is the thermal electromagnetic radiation within or surrounding a body in thermodynamic equilibrium with its environment, emitted by a black body." As you'd … Continue reading Daily Yinz – jGGZ Patel – PANDEMONIUM

Daily Yinz – Saani Mac – BACKBREAKER

Pittsburgh punk-rap firebrand Saani Mac released his Sick Sad World Demo in response to the nationwide uprising against police brutality and racism. Opening track "BACKBREAKER" is a warning volley set to a grimy instrumental that sounds like "Boyz-N-The-Hood" by way of Gesaffelstein. The song's refrain speaks for itself; Saani proclaims, "Fuck a cop and most … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Saani Mac – BACKBREAKER