Video Premiere – Fuzznaut – Form Is Emptiness

Emilio Rizzo (aka Fuzznaut) is a Pittsburgh guitar sorcerer whose live rendition of "Form Is Emptiness," the title track from Fuzznaut's stark, glacial 2019 release, premieres today on Bored In Pittsburgh. As Fuzznaut, Rizzo plays solo, allowing his downtuned, heavily distorted guitar chords to creep through empty space like the tentacles of some primordial leviathan. … Continue reading Video Premiere – Fuzznaut – Form Is Emptiness


Daily Yinz – Leila Rhodes – Principles

Leila Rhodes, purveyor of six-string fuzz, is back with "Principles," the first single released from her upcoming album, Attunement. "Principles" contains all the Leila Rhodes staples: tons of reverb, shaggy blues licks, self-confidently psychonautic lyrical koans , a face-melting meld of psych atmosphere and R&B attitude. To start, a decayed, Tycho-esque synth drifts into frame … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Leila Rhodes – Principles

Daily Yinz-Fuzznaut-Conjuction and Ellipsis

Fuzznaut, the solo project of Pittsburgh composer Emilio Rizzo, uses the electric guitar as a wand to conjure stark, minimalist soundscapes from the abyss. I'd be wary of listening to Fuzznaut's new album, Form is Emptiness, in a dark room late at night; I imagine that following its twisting, distorted corridors in that context could … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Fuzznaut-Conjuction and Ellipsis

Daily Yinz-Leila Rhodes-Santa Ana Wins

Leila Rhodes is a Pittsburgh-based producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in versatile, genre-hopping tunes made entirely in-house. "Santa Ana Wins," a track from Rhodes' debut album Casanova Way, rides a slinky, slow-mo funk groove from the West Coast to the East, joined on its journey by a bluesy guitar line and chords that shimmer … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Leila Rhodes-Santa Ana Wins

Daily Listen-Ecstatic Sunshine-Ramontana

"Ramontana" was yesterday's listen; I put on Baltimore, MD duo Ecstatic Sunshine's 2006 release Freckle Wars (Carpark Records) while doing some work from home last night, but ended up having so much work that I didn't actually have time to post about the song. No matter, here it is. Ecstatic Sunshine is a (sadly) defunct … Continue reading Daily Listen-Ecstatic Sunshine-Ramontana

Daily Discovery-Tal Yahalom-Tsukuru’s Pilgrimage

Today's find is a solo guitar piece from the newly released album Strange Protagonists by Israeli jazz musician Tal Yahalom (also of the trio KADAWA). "Tsukuru's Pilgrimage," named for a Haruki Murakami novel, is a work of spontaneous composition, which isn't exactly the same as improvisation, but still requires a musician to follow his/her spirit … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Tal Yahalom-Tsukuru’s Pilgrimage

Daily Discovery-Timothy Girdler-Your Head Was Floating On A Cloudy Day To Keep The Beast At Bay

Sometimes, you just want to hear a short acoustic instrumental at the end of a busy day. With today's find, Plymouth, UK artist Timothy Girdler delivers just such a blessing. I don't feel like typing the excellent, but lengthy, name of the track out again, so please refer to the title of this post if … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Timothy Girdler-Your Head Was Floating On A Cloudy Day To Keep The Beast At Bay

Daily Discovery-Wendy Eisenberg and Shane Parish-Nightcap On The Danube By The Busted Ferris Wheel

Today's find is a collaboration between two likeminded experimental musicians, Massachusetts's Wendy Eisenberg and North Carolina's Shane Parish. The two met in March of 2018 while Eisenberg was on tour in Parish's home state, and recorded a series of improvisational acoustic guitar duets only hours after first contact. The resulting works, given the title Nervous … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Wendy Eisenberg and Shane Parish-Nightcap On The Danube By The Busted Ferris Wheel

Daily Listen-Bill Frisell-Good Old People

I wanted to post something upbeat for this Monday, mostly for myself, since my allergies have rendered me leaky and grouchy. "Good Old People," from guitarist Bill Frisell's 2003 album The Intercontinentals, is one of the most upbeat songs in my arsenal. I played it, as is almost always the case with Daily Listens, on … Continue reading Daily Listen-Bill Frisell-Good Old People

Daily Listen-Jimi Hendrix Experience-Rainy Day, Dream Away

This one is another sort-of cheapie, since most everyone has heard a song by Jimi Hendrix at some point. It's appropriate today, though, since--surprise, surprise--it's raining in Pittsburgh! The forecast for the better part of the next week calls for rain, so this song is helping me get mentally prepared for the damp and dreary … Continue reading Daily Listen-Jimi Hendrix Experience-Rainy Day, Dream Away