Video Premiere – Fuzznaut – Form Is Emptiness

Emilio Rizzo (aka Fuzznaut) is a Pittsburgh guitar sorcerer whose live rendition of "Form Is Emptiness," the title track from Fuzznaut's stark, glacial 2019 release, premieres today on Bored In Pittsburgh. As Fuzznaut, Rizzo plays solo, allowing his downtuned, heavily distorted guitar chords to creep through empty space like the tentacles of some primordial leviathan. … Continue reading Video Premiere – Fuzznaut – Form Is Emptiness


Daily Yinz-Fuzznaut-Conjuction and Ellipsis

Fuzznaut, the solo project of Pittsburgh composer Emilio Rizzo, uses the electric guitar as a wand to conjure stark, minimalist soundscapes from the abyss. I'd be wary of listening to Fuzznaut's new album, Form is Emptiness, in a dark room late at night; I imagine that following its twisting, distorted corridors in that context could … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Fuzznaut-Conjuction and Ellipsis