Nardo Says – Y.D.A.I.A.

Soul artist Nardo Says recently released a great album called Y.D.A.I.A. On it is a wonderfully wavy slow jam entitled "I.B.T.B.U," produced by Reese Vex Brown, a longtime staple and legend of the Pittsburgh music scene who tragically passed away in late February. Nardo has started a campaign to get 100 vinyl pressings of the … Continue reading Nardo Says – Y.D.A.I.A.

Helpin’ Aht x Prevention Point Pittsburgh

Purchase Helpin' Aht! Records's new compilation album to support Prevention Point Pittsburgh, a nonprofit organization that provides health empowerment and harm reduction services to people who use drugs. The release includes homespun acoustic ballads, scuzzy rockers, doomy instrumentals, and more. Listen to some of the tracks below, and purchase the album here: ### ### ### … Continue reading Helpin’ Aht x Prevention Point Pittsburgh