Daily Yinz – COMA – fear is the pain (of intent)

COMA are a Pittsburgh doom metal quartet who released their latest album, PAIN IS THE RITUAL, in July. The ten-tracker is full of grainy textures, gnarled guitar riffs, and anguished vocals, the musical ingredients combining to form fast-paced stomps, dolorous dirges, and gentle instrumentals alike. "Fear is the pain (of intent)" starts on a rollicking … Continue reading Daily Yinz – COMA – fear is the pain (of intent)


Video Premiere – Fuzznaut – Form Is Emptiness

Emilio Rizzo (aka Fuzznaut) is a Pittsburgh guitar sorcerer whose live rendition of "Form Is Emptiness," the title track from Fuzznaut's stark, glacial 2019 release, premieres today on Bored In Pittsburgh. As Fuzznaut, Rizzo plays solo, allowing his downtuned, heavily distorted guitar chords to creep through empty space like the tentacles of some primordial leviathan. … Continue reading Video Premiere – Fuzznaut – Form Is Emptiness

Daily Yinz – Molasses Barge – A Grayer Dawn

Molasses Barge are a Pittsburgh-based doom metal band whose music does in fact sound like an immense viking ship cutting its way through a sea of thick, dark liquid. The title track off the group's new album, A Grayer Dawn (Argonauta Records), opens with a rollicking, stomping riff that evokes the stride of a metallic … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Molasses Barge – A Grayer Dawn

Daily Discovery-Cold Mass-Grinding Poverty

The new release Grinding Poverty/Stressor by Pittsburgh's Cold Mass is tagged as "street doom" on Bandcamp, which leads me to assume that the band's members are fond of Portland's R.I.P., the only other group I could find that uses that term. "Grinding Poverty," an eight-and-a-half minute behemoth of a track, blends the trademark, molasses-like tempos … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Cold Mass-Grinding Poverty