Daily Yinz-Weeknight Hangover and Statehood Silver Medalist-Hiding

Weeknight Hangover and Statehood Silver Medalist, two Pittsburgh-based lo-fi artists, join forces for a brief new release called self. With "Hiding," the first of self's two tracks, the duo has captured lightning in a half-empty beer bottle. The recorded-on-a-brick aesthetic of Weeknight's recent halloween ep (an evocative listen in its own right) is polished up … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Weeknight Hangover and Statehood Silver Medalist-Hiding


Daily Yinz-Son Of None-Digging 2 China

Son Of None, a Pittsburgh lo-fi duo active in the early-2000's, mined sparse instrumentation and rudimentary recording techniques to unearth nuggets of oddball pop gold. The product of Son Of None's work from 2003-2005, called Blizzard of '77, has just recently seen the light of day (or the light of Bandcamp, at least). On the … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Son Of None-Digging 2 China

Rough Edges – A Q+A With Kurt Gainfort of Pittsburgh DIY Label Mirkwood Recordings

Image "borrowed" from Mirkwood's Facebook page Mirkwood Recordings is a Pittsburgh label that specializes in idiosyncratic music made by eclectic artists, some from our own backyard and others hailing from across the world. Its latest release, Side Stepping The Abyss by ambient/drone artist Düne Kankel, was featured on Bored In Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. … Continue reading Rough Edges – A Q+A With Kurt Gainfort of Pittsburgh DIY Label Mirkwood Recordings

Daily Yinz-Wwoman-Chuchi

Wwoman (the musical moniker of artist g smee) fashions and unleashes neon-lit bedroom pop anthems from the recesses of a North Side Pittsburgh apartment. I first heard wwoman's new single, "Chuchi," about a week ago, before I headed to New York for a much-needed vacation. While there, I found myself humming the song's hook under … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Wwoman-Chuchi

Daily Yinz-Vendor Dog-the high school english department’s twitter account

Vendor Dog is the solo venture of an unidentified Pittsburgh man who only works on the project while drunk. A special thanks is given by the artist to "1x Booker's Bourbon" for its contribution to the still-in-progress album Wilhelm's Dream. "The high school english department's twitter account" is the instrumental opening track on Wilhelm's Dream, … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Vendor Dog-the high school english department’s twitter account

Daily Yinz-Philippa Zang-Monarch’s Wing

Philippa Zang is a Pittsburgh singer-songwriter whose describes their songs as "post-apocalyptic tunes inviting you into the next present." Zang's newly-released album Pothole Diaries is an eclectic mix of lo-fi recordings that displays an impressive amount of refinement for something likely produced in a bedroom somewhere; it holds to its own quirky vision while bouncing … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Philippa Zang-Monarch’s Wing

Daily Yinz-Leila Rhodes-Santa Ana Wins

Leila Rhodes is a Pittsburgh-based producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in versatile, genre-hopping tunes made entirely in-house. "Santa Ana Wins," a track from Rhodes' debut album Casanova Way, rides a slinky, slow-mo funk groove from the West Coast to the East, joined on its journey by a bluesy guitar line and chords that shimmer … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Leila Rhodes-Santa Ana Wins

Daily Discovery-Kwallah, the god-EVERYBODY DYING N’ DA’ SUMMA’?

Kwallah, the god (real name Kwame Pope) is a rapper and producer out of Fredericksburg, VA, whose songs hit like a quick jab to the stomach. Kwallah, the god's new album PAIN. PLEASURE. PROBLEMS was just released on the DIY Fredericksburg hip-hop label Hidden Sound Collective (a Naruto reference, for those wondering), and it packs … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Kwallah, the god-EVERYBODY DYING N’ DA’ SUMMA’?

Daily Discovery-Speedbooth-Skatehorn

Speedbooth is the current musical pseudonym of Kevin Cormack, an Orkney-via-London guitarist and experimenter who has played in groups including Jam Money and Half Cousin. The music found on Speedbooth's new self-titled album (released on Spillage Fete Records) clinks and clatters, almost like it has to fight its way through a particularly messy room in … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Speedbooth-Skatehorn

Daily Yinz-The Zells-Hello Loser

The Zells (fka Denzell) are a group of five Pittsburgh lads that specializes in shaggy power-pop anthems influenced by the DIY college rock of the 80's and 90's. "Hello Loser" is the first single from The Zells' upcoming album No More Heroes, due out October 11th on Crafted Sounds. The track's opening drumbeat sounds like … Continue reading Daily Yinz-The Zells-Hello Loser