Daily Discovery 10.29.19

Avant-Bird - A2 Bird Bard, out on cassette from Lincoln, NE's Gay Hippie Vampire label, is a split between the artists Avant-Bird and Avant-Bard. "A2" is the second track from Avant-Bird, who I can only assume to be an artistically experimental goose that sets up a bunch of instruments in an enclosed space and then … Continue reading Daily Discovery 10.29.19

Daily Discovery 10.28.19

Clover Koval - Salt from the Beach "Salt from the Beach," from the new album Spatial Awareness, finds Burlington, VT's Clover Koval lifting shoegaze's swirling, hazy guitar and synth textures and applying them to a mellow bossa nova jam that sways like an island breeze. A wistful, muted trumpet solo near the end of song … Continue reading Daily Discovery 10.28.19

Daily Discovery 10.15.19

True Moon-Poison Sweden's True Moon delivers a furious blast of moody post-punk energy with "Poison," one of the first singles from the band's upcoming album II (Lövely Records). Overtop a relentless, Joy Division-on-speed instrumental, Karolina Engdahl seethes and glowers, sounding like one of the goth greats of yore when she yells, "I've got a volcano … Continue reading Daily Discovery 10.15.19