Daily Yinz – Chariot Fade – Camel’s Eye

The indie-pop masterminds of Chariot Fade return with a double single called Tenderness Hits/Camel's Eye. "Camel's Eye," which features some gorgeous cello work from Eric Weidenhof, represents C-Fade's take on the good ol' power ballad. The track is propelled forward by a deep, bubbling synth line, Weidenhof's strings darting in and out to add some … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Chariot Fade – Camel’s Eye


Daily Yinz-Chariot Fade-Mirror Go Round

Chariot Fade is a newly formed Pittsburgh group, a trio of masterminds (formerly of Delicious Pastries) that mashes up styles to create a colorful collage of pop music. Chariot Fade has four songs available on Bandcamp, and the only image associated with the group is a Pop Art rendering of a person's face gazing bashfully … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Chariot Fade-Mirror Go Round