Stare At Your Shoes-Electro Group-Bikini States

Electro Group are a noise pop trio from Sacramento, CA; "Bikini States" is a track from their 2007 album Good Technology. I opened this song up in Spotify and let it play for 56 seconds; I then opened it up in Youtube to copy and share the link and ended up letting it play there … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-Electro Group-Bikini States

Stare At Your Shoes-Brightblack Morning Light-All We Have Broken Shines

Brightblack Morning Light is a Northern California freak-folk duo whose members have done such hippyish things as lived in a chicken coop, recorded using solar power, and organized amplifier-free music festivals. Their 2006 self-titled album contains a series of subdued, psychedelic jams full of hazy keyboard, weeping slide guitar, and ambling percussion. Nathan Shineywater and … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-Brightblack Morning Light-All We Have Broken Shines

Daily Discovery-Paper Void-Waves

Paper Void is an Oakland, CA collective that integrates rock, neo-soul, jazz, and hip-hop influences into a pleasing brew of smooth keys, head-nodding rhythms, and brass flourishes. The group's new album Transition features songs that range from spacey ballads to energetic jams, but it was the haunting, 2 minute and 18 second "Waves" that really … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Paper Void-Waves

Daily Discovery-Ickybaby-Wake Up And Smile

Ickybaby are a Los Angeles-based power pop group that specializes in catchy, serrated guitar anthems, brought to life by the unforgettable, indescribable voice of frontwoman Toni Tee. To contradict the most recent thing I said, I'd describe Tee's delivery as cigarettey, eccentric, and incredibly high-pitched. It sounds like she's about to go completely off the … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Ickybaby-Wake Up And Smile

Daily Discovery-Sister Mantos-La Gente Contra Los Blancos

Today's find is an ecstatic rave-up of a track by Los Angeles "Psychedelic Improvisational Funk Pop Latin Dance Booty Shaking Performance Art" collective Sister Mantos. The song, whose name (according to Google) translates to "The People Against The Whites," plays as the soundtrack to a subversive, revolutionary block party. Project mastermind Oscar Miguel Santos and … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Sister Mantos-La Gente Contra Los Blancos

Daily Discovery-Yung Drugg-YOPO

"Emo rap" and "mumble rap" are two terms that are used somewhat interchangeably (inaccurately so, I might add, as the two overlap sometimes but are stylistically distinct) by older hip-hop fans to denigrate the new wave of colorfully-coifed-and-clothed artists who run the gamut from legitimately terrible (Lil Pump, whose inane, slurred vocals definitely lean to … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Yung Drugg-YOPO

Daily Discovery-ruffiankick.-supersoaker.

Today's find, "supersoaker." is a brief instrumental by San Bernardino, CA producer ruffiankick., off of the upcoming release HIFIDELIC.LP1. A wobbly, woozy listen, the track features languid keyboard washes diced into feathery tendrils by a halting, boom-bap-on-codeine beat, augmented with incandescent bursts of synthesizer and a glorious wah-wah bass line. It sounds like what would … Continue reading Daily Discovery-ruffiankick.-supersoaker.

Daily Discovery-Paradot-Rocksalt

Today's find, "Rocksalt," the first single from the upcoming Vain Zanni Cave (Black Mountain Airport) by Los Angeles experimental artist Paradot, clocks in at just under three minutes, but feels much longer due to the sheer amount of sonic variety packed into the song's runtime. Things kick off on a disorienting note with a tinny, … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Paradot-Rocksalt

Daily Discovery-Reflective Detectives-Brave New Boogie

Today's find, "Brave New Boogie" from the newly released Total Fiction by Los Angeles-via-DC project Reflective Detectives, is the perfect Friday song. Bright and sunny on the surface, with an undercurrent of jaded exhaustion, it captures the feeling (well, at least my feeling) of finishing up the work week and heading into a long Memorial … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Reflective Detectives-Brave New Boogie

Daily Discovery-Mirage-Prism

I have a huge soft spot for all things screamo/emo/hardcore/metal/etc; I used to listen to a ton of that stuff in high school (much to my mom's chagrin--Happy Mother's Day, by the way!) because the anguished shouts and impassioned, soaring choruses matched the absurd levels of conflicting emotions that came with being an angsty teen. … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Mirage-Prism