Daily Discovery-Gut Fauna-Crisis Actor

Gut Fauna are a Baltimore, MD duo whose off-kilter approach to pop music leads to some fantastical places, like a precocious kid left alone with a synthesizer, some pots 'n' pans, and copious amounts of sugar. Gut Fauna's latest release, Magicicada, is out this week on Virginia label Ingrown Records. Its wide-ranging musical universe encompasses … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Gut Fauna-Crisis Actor

Daily Listen-Ecstatic Sunshine-Ramontana

"Ramontana" was yesterday's listen; I put on Baltimore, MD duo Ecstatic Sunshine's 2006 release Freckle Wars (Carpark Records) while doing some work from home last night, but ended up having so much work that I didn't actually have time to post about the song. No matter, here it is. Ecstatic Sunshine is a (sadly) defunct … Continue reading Daily Listen-Ecstatic Sunshine-Ramontana