Stare At Your Shoes-Lowtide-Held

Lowtide are an Australian indie band whose hooky songs are drenched in gallons upon gallons of reverb. "Held" is a track from their 2014 self-titled album, and features absurdly catchy vocal melodies bandied back and forth by Lucy Buckeridge and Giles Simon. Despite the euphoric rush of the music, the lyrics hint at some kind … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-Lowtide-Held

Daily Discovery-Japanese Heart Software-Loner

Japanese Heart Software could easily be the name of some a e s t h e t i c, vaporwavey project full of ironic 90's television samples; in reality, the name actually refers to the lo-fi sythpop created by Melbourne, Australia's Nat Chippy. "Loner," off Japanese Heart Software's new release Lonely Hearts, blends driving percussion … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Japanese Heart Software-Loner

Winter Moon-Make Real, Make Believe

Winter Moon-Make Real, Make Believe (2019, Kozmik Artifactz) The return of Swamptina, for those who missed her the first time around A few weeks back, Bored In Pittsburgh featured the sonic sledgehammer “Who Are You” by Melbourne, Australia’s Winter Moon, and the character of Swamptina Aguilera was born. Swamptina is the pseudonym that I bestowed … Continue reading Winter Moon-Make Real, Make Believe

Daily Discovery-Kuzich-Closer To You

Today's find, "Closer To You," off the new release Fruit Soup (Mandarin Dreams) by funky Australian dude Kuzich, sounds like the result of a substance-enhanced, lava lamp-lit basement jam session featuring Tame Impala's Kevin Parker, Toro Y Moi's Chaz Bear, and renowned bassist Thundercat. The track's bleary synth chords are pure chillwave bliss, and are … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Kuzich-Closer To You

Daily Discovery-Moonsign-Everything

Today's find, "Everything," is a new single from Australian duo Moonsign (featuring another Aussie who goes by Lonelyspeck) released on the Melbourne-based Yes Rave label. I'd classify this song as part of the undefined, amorphous "chill" genre due to its mantra-like lyrics, subtly pitch-shifted vocals, and pillowy drum sound; however, there are a few factors … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Moonsign-Everything

Daily Discovery-Winter Moon-Who Are You

Today's find, "Who Are You," comes from the Melbourne band Winter Moon, from their upcoming release Make Real Make Believe. A creeping slice of swampy rock 'n' roll, the song rides a restrained, reggae-influenced instrumental through the verses into a menacing chorus featuring an electric guitar riff that clouts you over the head like an … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Winter Moon-Who Are You