Daily Yinz – Sommelier – My Hypocrisy

Eccentric Pittsburgh indie-poppers Sommelier join forces with Andrew Muse, another theatrical area artist, for a remix of their song, "My Hypocrisy." The original "quarantine version" of the track, released in late July, is a cryptic ballad that places vocalist J Trafford's swooning vocals over a bed of windswept synths; think The Blue Nile fronted by … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sommelier – My Hypocrisy

Daily Yinz – Andrew Muse – Ain’t Nothing New To Me

In June, Pittsburgh avant-pop artist Andrew Muse released the split All Your Friends Are Dead, Pt. II/Ain't Nothing New To Me. The first song is a glitchy, whimsical kiss-off, while the disconcerting second track places foreboding imagery atop jaunty strumming. If you use your fingers to plug your ears partway, so that all noise comes … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Andrew Muse – Ain’t Nothing New To Me

Daily Yinz – Andrew Muse – Hard

Andrew Muse is a Pittsburgh singer/songwriter whose art-pop compositions are both irreverent and heartfelt. This past Friday, Muse released Interluder, the follow-up to last summer's excellent Smoker's Row. Interluder opens with "Hard," a song that draws its strength from the empty spaces that Muse allows to stretch out between tangled scrabbles of acoustic guitar. Muse … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Andrew Muse – Hard