Daily Yinz-Schwarzchild-Curvature

Karl Schwarzchild was a German physicist and astronomer; it's only logical that an artist bearing the same name would make otherworldly ambient music. Schwarzchild's new release, Saturnian Dawn, takes the cosmic sense of awe that drove Brian Eno's Apollo and filters it through the unfolding melodic pulses of Pop-era Gas and the abstract jazzscapes of … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Schwarzchild-Curvature

Daily Yinz-jb.arnes-Raindance

Jb.arnes is a Pittsburgh-via-everywhere ambient artist whose new release, Jardin's Place, is indebted to the sounds of the Kankyō Ongaku ("environmental music") movement prevalent in Japan during the 1980's. Jb.arnes recorded Jardin's Place using a Tascam DR-4 and an iPhone 5 while trotting the globe over the past four years, setting up shop in India, … Continue reading Daily Yinz-jb.arnes-Raindance

Daily Yinz-Think Good Audio-Like Champagne For Tears

Think Good Audio's Michael Haynes burrows deep inside himself with each new project, emerging with emotionally-resonant instrumentals that cover the vast ground between despair and hope. The latest Think Good Audio release, Withdrawal, centers on the theme of alcoholism and its deleterious effect on relationships. A dark topic for sure, but much of the music … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Think Good Audio-Like Champagne For Tears

Daily Yinz-Six O’Matic-Shine

On his new album Aging (Wild Kindness), Pittsburgh producer Six O'Matic trades the jaunty psych rock of his 2018 debut for glacial, unfurling waves of ambient melody and sound. There are some musical styles that can be difficult to write about. Ambient is one of those styles; after all, how is someone supposed to come … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Six O’Matic-Shine

Daily Yinz-Supervolcano-Rare Ocelot

Supervolcano is an experimental Pittsburgh synthster whose music is aptly tagged with the words "electronic," "beeps," "odd," and "sounds." Supervolcano's new demo, COLOREATER, contains three tracks, each an anagram of the album's title. "Rare Ocelot" is the middle and longest song on the release, and it does indeed contain a vast array of beeps, boops, … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Supervolcano-Rare Ocelot

Daily Discovery-Fossil Hunting Collective-Waiting in line to watch the sky fall out

Fossil Hunting Collective, a solo artist from Ontario whose music was previously featured on Bored In Pittsburgh, is back with another titanic instrumental track. "Waiting in line to watch the sky fall out" manages to sound even bigger than some of Fossil Hunting Collective's previous releases, no minor feat for an artist that trades in … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Fossil Hunting Collective-Waiting in line to watch the sky fall out

Daily Discovery-Mamiffer-River of Light

Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner's Mamiffer is a vehicle for hauntingly beautiful incantations, so-called ethereal wave music boiled down to its most elemental form. "River of Light" is the first single from Mamiffer's The Brilliant Tabernacle, due for release in late October on Coloccia and partner Turner's SIGE Records. The track begins with several seconds … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Mamiffer-River of Light

Daily Yinz-Düne Kankel-Ceremonial Dirge

Düne Kankel is a Pittsburgh artist whose music floats, drifts, grinds, and roars, sometimes all at once. Their new album, Side Stepping The Abyss, released this week on Mirkwood Recordings, is built upon walls of harsh noise and tunnels of droning guitar; adorning these foundational elements are some unusual sonic accoutrements. "Ceremonial Dirge" is one … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Düne Kankel-Ceremonial Dirge

Daily Yinz-Parnassus-Bloomsbury Gathering

Parnassus, named either for a sacred Greek mountain or for an investment firm, is a mysterious, Pittsburgh-based ambient/drone artist. Parnassus recently released two albums whose outward aesthetics could not be more different. Adorning the cover of Fragmentations is a drab photo of a radiator sitting alone in a carpeted corner, while Mad features what looks … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Parnassus-Bloomsbury Gathering

Daily Discovery-Fossil Hunting Collective-The inner circuitry of a sparrow

Guelph, Ontario's Fossil Hunting Collective (the solo project of a fellow named Jones) makes glimmering, expansive ambient music that sounds like it's emanating from a massive speaker located somewhere in the middle of the Arctic tundra. Legend has it (and science has confirmed) that the Aurora Borealis can be accompanied by eerie noises. Even though … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Fossil Hunting Collective-The inner circuitry of a sparrow