Daily Yinz – Her Royal Lowness – Sleepy Apartments

Marissa Sabatucci's Her Royal Lowness picks through the wreckage of a relationship with a two-track single called on the bridge where you left me. The music on OTBWYLM is built around whispering acoustic guitar, and features raw lyrics that outline a former partner's manipulation, addiction, and betrayal. The single's opening track, "Sleepy Apartments," explores the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Her Royal Lowness – Sleepy Apartments


Daily Yinz – Morgan Erina – Are You Happy

Pittsburgh-based singer/songwriter Morgan Erina makes autumnal music that gives off that feeling of warm, comfy sadness. Erina's latest single, "Are You Happy," conjures some serious "For Emma" vibes, especially the interaction between acoustic and slide guitar, the former instrument delicate and precise, the latter silvery and glinting as it flows down over the fingerpicked latticework … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Morgan Erina – Are You Happy

Daily Yinz – Slow Bluff – Fool’s Gold

Pittsburgh's Spencer Geer and Zach Bronder are Slow Bluff, an acoustic duo whose stripped-down sound disguises intricate arrangements. Slow Bluff's first release, "Fool's Gold," is chock full of BWHE (Big Wild Horses Energy), with plenty of blues sway, double-stop guitar flourishes, and lyrical yearnin' to go around. The Bluff boys, busting out some truly tricky … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Slow Bluff – Fool’s Gold

Daily Yinz – Lem – Twin Mattress (Washington Heights)

Lem are a Pittsburgh-area "joke-folk" duo that use acoustic instrumentation and pastoral harmonies to deliver witty, irreverent tales of slackerdom and youngish ennui. Last week, Lem released Just A Bunch Of Demos (2016-2019), which is (surprise surprise!) a collection of iPhone demos recorded over the past few years. Lem's demos are about as brief as … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Lem – Twin Mattress (Washington Heights)

Daily Yinz – Lianna Ankney – What the Land Told Me

Lianna Ankney, FKA Diamond Shapes, is a Pittsburgh singer/songwriter whose stripped-down instrumentals and reedy vocals recall early Joanna Newsom. LA-LA-LA, out last week, is the first solo EP that Ankney has released under her own name. "What the Land Told Me," the album's first song proper following a brief intro, sounds ageless; if you added … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Lianna Ankney – What the Land Told Me

Daily Yinz – Skeletons Need T-Shirts – 16

AFK, a new release from Pittsburgh singer/songwriter Skeletons Need T-Shirts, lays bare some serious heartbreak, a lonely voice accompanied by an even lonelier acoustic guitar. The track "16" (along with the rest of the album) combines the melancholic, sometimes bleak musings of Cat Power with the sheepish, homespun delivery of the Moldy Peaches' Kimya Dawson … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Skeletons Need T-Shirts – 16

Daily Yinz-Pat Coyle-The Machine

Pat Coyle is a Pittsburgh singer/songwriter who makes introspective guitar ballads tinged with a subtle electronic sheen, the organic and digital joining forces to support a truly arresting voice. "The Machine," the first track on Coyle's newly released Iridescent Cues, opens with swirls of reversed synth and ghostly melodic whispers underpinned by a beat that … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Pat Coyle-The Machine

Daily Yinz-Philippa Zang-Monarch’s Wing

Philippa Zang is a Pittsburgh singer-songwriter whose describes their songs as "post-apocalyptic tunes inviting you into the next present." Zang's newly-released album Pothole Diaries is an eclectic mix of lo-fi recordings that displays an impressive amount of refinement for something likely produced in a bedroom somewhere; it holds to its own quirky vision while bouncing … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Philippa Zang-Monarch’s Wing

Daily Discovery-Timothy Girdler-Your Head Was Floating On A Cloudy Day To Keep The Beast At Bay

Sometimes, you just want to hear a short acoustic instrumental at the end of a busy day. With today's find, Plymouth, UK artist Timothy Girdler delivers just such a blessing. I don't feel like typing the excellent, but lengthy, name of the track out again, so please refer to the title of this post if … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Timothy Girdler-Your Head Was Floating On A Cloudy Day To Keep The Beast At Bay

Daily Discovery-Hannah Robinson-Endless Street

Today's find, "Endless Street," is a real weeper of a power ballad by the London-based singer/songwriter Hannah Robinson, the first release off her upcoming album (also called Endless Street). A tale of long-lost/unrequited love, it begins with lazily strummed acoustic guitar chords unfurling behind Robinson's smoky vocals and builds from there, backing instruments gradually joining … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Hannah Robinson-Endless Street