Daily Listen-Alice Coltrane-Atomic Peace

Here's the song I meant to post Wednesday night (I chose Sum 41 at the last minute). "Atomic Peace" is a track from Alice Coltrane's 1968 solo debut A Monastic Trio. Released as a tribute to her recently deceased husband, it featured Coltrane herself on piano and harp, Jimmy Garrison on bass, and Rashied Ali … Continue reading Daily Listen-Alice Coltrane-Atomic Peace

Daily Listen-Nina Simone-Do I Move You

Today's listen is a bluesy piano ballad from the legend herself, Nina Simone. "Do I Move You" has the makings of a classic romance jam, setting the mood with all manner of sensual, rhetorical (or so we think) questions: "Do I move you/Is it thrilling/Are you loose now?" That is, until Simone subverts the cliche, … Continue reading Daily Listen-Nina Simone-Do I Move You

Daily Listen-John Coltrane-Psalm

I listened to today's song while speedwalking back from the office to my apartment, trying to make it home before I got caught in a massive downpour like I did yesterday. In a way, the moody "Psalm," the closing track from saxophonist John Coltrane's 1965 classic A Love Supreme, mirrored the Pittsburgh weather. Elvin Jones's … Continue reading Daily Listen-John Coltrane-Psalm

Daily Listen-Jimi Hendrix Experience-Rainy Day, Dream Away

This one is another sort-of cheapie, since most everyone has heard a song by Jimi Hendrix at some point. It's appropriate today, though, since--surprise, surprise--it's raining in Pittsburgh! The forecast for the better part of the next week calls for rain, so this song is helping me get mentally prepared for the damp and dreary … Continue reading Daily Listen-Jimi Hendrix Experience-Rainy Day, Dream Away