Daily Yinz – Luwidakid – Give ’em Hell (ft. Brothamans)

Collaborators unite for a single that draws from Afrobeats’ signature bounce.

The backbone of “Give ’em Hell” (produced by Julio) is its rhythmic heartbeat, a propulsive bah-bah-bah-bahbah that I could probably listen to on its own for several hours. We’re spoiled, though, because the percussion track is adorned with insistent keyboard pulses and multiple layers of blurred vocal samples, which bring to mind a daydream on a dance floor as they mingle with Luwidakid’s and Brothaman’s own voices. The song’s blissed-out chorus, capped by a wordless, stuttering hook, has already wormed its way into my head; I found myself humming the melody while making coffee just now, and will likely be doing the same all day.

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