Weekly Wrap-Up 01.13.23

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


Yotzeret Sheydim – If Language Is The Only Barrier, Then I Am Both Wall Breaker And Gate Keeper In My Own Garden

This time around for the noise artist, it isn’t the electronics making the din (they coalesce into tight arpeggios and driving rhythms), but the human voice itself; moaning, howling, incanting.

Artwork by Ezra Rose

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A-Money & the Downtown City – Jesus & Drugs

A tough-love pep talk that rides emphatic guitars, bouncing bass, and lively sax toward the realm of personal betterment.

Artwork by Dose Creative

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Jewel Cakes – Keep Sneak Dissing

Backed by knocking drums and a snaking melody, these unapologetic, contemptuous bars drip with self-confidence and Hennessy.

Video by z4visuals

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