Michi Tapes – Silver Car Crash Live at Thunderbird 5/27/22

Those who happened to be at the Thunderbird Music Hall on 5/27 were treated to “May The Saints Go March In Sin,” a four-act showcase of Pittsburgh-based rock that featured Blinder, Big Baby, Silver Car Crash, and The Sewerheads. I wasn’t there, but luckily for me and for anyone else who missed the show, Michi Tapes’s Eric Stevens was on hand to capture all four bands’ sets; Silver Car Crash’s goes live today.

Stevens “ran his footage through an analog video synthesizer called the 3TrinsRGB+1c, and also through a mid-90’s Videonics MX-1 digital video synth/mixer. [He] then overlaid the video tracks digitally, adjusting transparency values at different moments throughout the set. No coloration or effects were added in post.” (Thanks to Stevens himself for this explanation, which I copied almost verbatim). So, the psychedelia that you see on your screen is a result of pure technical wizardry. The footage does a great job of capturing the Silver Car Crash sound–which balances noisy, punk-inspired onslaughts with brooding guitar atmospherics–rendering the band’s music rawly but clearly. Check out the full set below:



If you like what you see, make sure to check out Silver Car Crash at Millvale’s Whisper Nest tomorrow (Wednesday, 8/3), where they will be joined by Blinder, I4A, and Columbus, OH’s Golomb.

Also make sure to check out more from Michi Tapes and follow them on Instagram

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