Weekly Wrap-Up 07.29.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


The Roundlakes – Donkey’s Tail

The first product of a musical collaboration stretching across the Atlantic from Pittsburgh to England, this one bounces leisurely along like an errant super ball, with fried, slurred vocals and ambivalent chord changes combining to form a bittersweet, late-summer atmosphere.

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B Man – Windows

Reflective acoustic ballad that settles easily into the long-flowing musical river of twangy tunes sung about a life spent doin’ wrong. When B Man sings, “Funny how things look/From windows without bars,” you can almost feel the spirit of Johnny Cash giving a thumbs-up.

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niku daruma – tourniquetting

Screeching feedback, nightmarish tones, and waves of Poltergeisty static provide a base for vocals pitched halfway between a whisper and a scream. “This is not art,” we are assured, and then it all cuts to black.

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