Daily Yinz – I4A – Fence of Pearls

Experimental trio I4A specializes in winding vamps that traverse peaks and valleys.

“Fence of Pearls,” the longest track from the group’s new release, I4A 2–which is saying something when the shortest one clocks in at 7:26–is a radiant musical monolith. It takes its time to build up from a base of gentle strums, cycling through the same anchor-like chord progression for close to four minutes before guitarist/vocalist Reid Magette chimes in for a few measures of honeyed singing. From there, we’re off in an eruption of rapid fire drums and blazing guitar runs; it’s some Valkyries-ascending-to-Valhalla shit. After a bit, the base chords return, along with Magette’s vocals, but this time they’re accompanied by layers of freewheeling drum fills, squalling electronic effects, and guitar notes that peal and drone into the distance. Despite its runtime, the track rivets from start to finish. However, if you’re pressed for time, or if the internet has killed your attention span, you can check out the shorter single edit.

Artwork by Lyn Corelle

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