Weekly Wrap-Up 05.12.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week (a day early, since I will be wandering around Chicago tomorrow)


The Chad Sipes Stereo – Thoughts and Prayers

Veteran rock quartet’s new album examines a country sick with all sorts of maladies that are medicated with all sorts of pills. The title (and closing) track is a deceptively sunny anthem that chugs along in a haze of miasmatic hospital smells, offering a sarcastic take on the three most useless words in the English language.

Artwork by Tiffany Haile

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Cliff Fields – 4BLUNTS

Freeform hip-hop both produced and rapped by the artist. Blissful acoustic guitar dances and upright bass meanders–sans percussion–while Fields, his baritone voice mic’d as intimately close as a confessional box, waxes impressionistic about late night writing sessions, crack house Christmases, and transcendence from earthly misery.

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The Redlines – Runnin’ With the Pack

Throwback guitar music that howls at the moon and drives vintage sports cars. This one, full of squealing riffs and solos, sounds like something Mott The Hoople might have come up with if they had stuck around longer and spent more time playing in American dive bars.

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