Daily Yinz – The Zells – Hell Car

The fuzzy, slack-happy (slack-sad?) Zells take a ride in the “Hell Car,” the second single from their upcoming album, Ant Farm (Crafted Sounds).

While The Zells have always cranked up the distortion, slumped their shoulders, and fixed their eyes downward in response to the alienating drudgery of modern American life, they’ve got a TV sitting in the corner this time around–they’re staring at the news instead of at their own shoes, and they’re not liking what they see. Where Ant Farm‘s lead single, November’s “Truther Uncle,” examined the ways in which people use conspiracy theories to compensate for a sense of meaninglessness, “Hell Car” functions as a twisted campaign theme for a deposed king figure awaiting a major mangling (“They’re gonna cut my legs off/They’ll probably break my arms/They’ll probably cut my head off”). Windmilling riffs and dentist-drill solos energize the woeful sentiments; you’ll pump your fist while reaching for the Prozac bottle.

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