Weekly Wrap-Up 05.06.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


Tough Cuffs – It Got Colder

Title track from noise punks’ new release is a perfect representation of the album itself: grander, more spacious, and (somehow) even more furious than last year’s Wasted Pleasure. Droning guitars creep and roar, bass rumbles like distant thunder, and drums crash with apocalyptic rage. It’s like somebody put our impending societal collapse to music.

Artwork by John Rogers

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Junie & TheHutFriends – Drown Me!

Maximalist bedroom pop that sounds like it was created by a rollicking band of cartoon characters swinging from internet cables and dashing across computer screens. Galumphing tubas and chirping synths provide a sunny backdrop for frontwoman Junie Grey’s despairing schoolyard chants.

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Seaclones – Soaker

Collaboration between producers Five Star Hotel and Machine Listener deploys bursts of pure, synthetic sound to create fidgety rhythmic mazes that shift and contort to disorienting effect. The listening experience is synesthetic; you can almost see and touch the blips as they skitter past.

Artwork by Sam Lubicz

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