Daily Yinz – Tyler Heaven – Mongoose

Tyler Heaven are a quintet whose full-length March debut, Darkness on the Edge of the Parking Lot, combines lush sonics with haunted lyrics.

Throughout Darkness‘s ten tracks, guitars chime, drums echo and hiss, violins keen, and Brady Lanzendorfer, voice pitched at a Daniel Johnston quaver, conjures images that hint at catastrophe without revealing it fully. The instruments completely envelop the delicate vocals, evoking a solitary, surreal headspace in which an endless parade of crepuscular mammals leaps in front of a car that reappears on the far horizon every time it tries to drive away. It’s like if Deserter’s Songs had been recorded in a Western PA motel as opposed to a rustic Catskill cabin. The midtempo “Mongoose” rides swelling strings like the song’s narrator does a BMX bike, on and on into a warm evening, with nothing but memories of lost friends and spinning handlebars as company.

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