Weekly Wrap-Up 04.01.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


Nate Cross – Push It!

Fuzzy, swaggering garage rock whose dissonant guitars buzz and shriek like a swarm of zombie hornets and whose stomping drums could be the lumbering footfalls of a Frankenstein creature. Morphs into a dance-floor stomper right at the very end.

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Faaathom – Distorted

On this murky, melodic hip-hop track, aqueous synth tones, rumbling bass, and spiraling lyrical flows–delivered in a commanding baritone layered with harmonies both helium-filled and guttural–swirl together like neon liquid swished around in a cup.

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natural light – black winter salt dirt

Sometimes, when driving from Pittsburgh to State College on 22 East, I am struck by the barren majesty of the surrounding hills and scrubland, as well as by the unusual names of the towns that lie along the route: Gas Center, Mundys Corner, and Nanty Glo, home to natural light, whose placid, droning ambient music embodies the area’s gray sprawl.

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