Daily Yinz – Ex Pilots – Miles of Lace

Ex Pilots and Gaadge–two acts that take listeners on pedal-fueled guitar odysseys-recently released a split tape.

Project mastermind Ethan Oliva’s work with Ex Pilots, much like his outputs with Gaadge, Barlow, and Sober Clones, leans heavily on interstellar riffs, whipcrack drums, and faded, echoing shouts. “Miles of Lace” takes a softer touch than some of the split’s punkier, noisier tracks, combining ringing chords, anthemic solos, and gently sung vocals (with some massive dynamic shifts thrown in for dramatic effect) to create a sound that resembles a shoegazey take on a late-’90s radio rock track by Fuel, Third Eye Blind, Everclear, Filter, or one of those myriad goateed bands.

Artwork by Keith Caves

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