Weekly Wrap-Up 03.18.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week.


Bloomfield Pest Control – FTF

Newly minted trio delivers a demo that brings to mind Misfits’s gleefully scuzzy ghoul-punk. It’s got poppy power chords, hammering drums, and vocals whose belching theatricality suggest that they’re soon to be followed by a vomitous torrent.

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VO2K – gucciandsex

A woozy, breezy serenade that represents what a hypothetical John Mayer/PARTYNEXTDOOR collaboration might sound like. By turns heartfelt and casually detached, VO2K’s lyrics, alternately crooned and rapped, convey a warmth grounded in hard truths: “I can’t hold on to you/But I keep rolling with you.”

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the savage patch kidds – Poster Child

Continent-trotting duo–consisting of Pittsburgh-born rapper kidd Chaos and Toronto singer Ramona Vogue–delivers a moody, confessional slice of pop polish that fuses rock and hip-hop styles to create an anthem for anyone who’s ever had to claw their way out mental and emotional quicksand.

More from the savage patch kidds

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