Weekly Wrap-Up 03.11.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


heart together – small hurts

Ah, youthful emotion, forever teetering on a crumbling wall between exultation and despair. Mirrored here by guitar riffs that build from tremulous to noisy and by lyrics–delivered in a monotone, then a ragged yelp–that conjure images of slasher movies, makeout fantasies, river adventures, and burning hair.

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Lang – Static Shock

Rapper/singer Lang + producer CamGoKrazy = Langwentkrazy. The release’s most concise cut is its most thrilling. I guess you could call it hip-hop, but the track’s flitting synth lines, muddy bass, and free-associative, auto-tuned warbling press the edges of the genre framework.

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Skies of Terra – Cloud Chaser

The group’s cinematic, proggy brand of hardcore is given a pop-punk sugar rush through the inclusion Alta View singer Dom Bucci’s soaring vocals. Think Veil of Maya collaborating with All Time Low at the end of the world.

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