Daily Yinz – Ol Whitetail – Little Creek

Ol Whitetail creates rickety folk tunes that bring to mind the untamed sweep of the Appalachian mountains.

Ol Whitetail’s self-titled album, released in February, sounds like the Kossoy Sisters by way of Emmylou Harris, fusing the former’s spare strumming with the latter’s powerfully twanging vocal delivery. “Little Creek,” a mid-album standout, tumbles along atop fingerpicked guitar and cascading banjo as Ol Whitetail longingly recalls a day spent falling into things–a stream and love, to be specific. Ol Whitetail and her person splash around in the creek and dance among bluebonnets, sharing the moment with only themselves and a heron perched nearby. The idyllic imagery is lent a melancholy edge by the song’s wistful melody and by the inclusion of the line, “I hope you know that was all I ever wanted,” which suggests that these blissful days may have passed. It’s an affecting vignette that, like the song itself, stands outside of time.

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